You back away from the seaweed mound. Shantyland is a strange planet and you're not fully versed in the religions of the planet. For all you know, that's some kind of religious artifact that, when disturbed, lays a curse down on you for the rest of your days – or maybe it'll just be really slimy to touch and you don't want to deal with that either. You decide to just turn around and walk away because you feel like you've spent enough time on this fool's errand.

But as you turn around, there it is. It's big and it looks not unlike the pile of seaweed behind you, but a lot more man shape. Its staring at you and you can't tell if its the seaweed itself or if you truly feel it, but you think the creature before you looks...sad. It looks lonely as it stares at you and you can't help but feel a little sorry for it. After all, its out here and the world looks at it as if it doesn't exist or aren't even sure what it does. Is it the only one of its kind, you wonder; you think it is, because back in the room with the others, they never mentioned multiple ones. It's so sad, you tell yourself again, and without really thinking about it, you step forward to reach out to the creature. But whatever spell was in place, it's now broken and the swampsquach turns to walk away. You realize you were given a camera and you hurriedly try to lift it and take a picture. You get the feeling it was moving too fast for it to be proper.

You're left alone in that swamp, feeling a little different then when you first entered.

Leave you got what you wanted to.