You've made your choice – besides you have a bad feeling about that "help me" business, which unsettles you even worse than this growling. The growling could be a beast, you know how to deal with those, right? You push forward, carefully and slowly trying to find the source.

The source, instead, finds you. A lily pad pops from the ground and attached to it is An otter? All you really recognize is that it has a lot of teeth and it looks awfully angry with you right now. You hold up your hands as if you're going to calm it down, soothe it a little bit – mostly you just want to encourage it to not eat you. Eating you seems to be the first thing on its mind, though, because its eyes narrow and it slinks slowly from its little nesting spot. He paces towards you and you pace backwards, not fully ready to pounce on you. It must be sizing you up and figuring out the best way to take down a predator/prey like you. But this beast has never been prepared for THIS, you're sure -

Run out of there, you don't want to go messing with the strange otter dog.