The clear choice of action is obvious: the cluttered path. An elusive swampsquach isn't going to be on empty roads and paths, is it? No, of course not. If it was, EVERYONE would have seen it and then it wouldn't be so much of a mystery. You begin to walk down the area that you think might be a path, tripping over roots and trying to duck out of the way of branches. As you walk, you feel a bit of the thrill of being a Ranger – this is what you signed up for, isn't it? It feels exactly like you're doing work, it feels like what you wanted to do. You're roughing it, you feel the sweat building on your forehead, and you're starting to huff and puff from the exertion.

Eventually you find that the trees begin to part, the path is starting to clear out and you find it a little bit easier to breathe. Actually the area you're in is quite beautiful now that it's not so tight and you can see the sunlight streaming down through the leaves. You're actually quite glad you decided to come down this way. You feel like this path isn't something that very many people in Shantyland have ever seen and you're lucky in this.

But as you drink in the atmosphere, taking in everything you're offered, you suddenly hear a voice calling for you. Or maybe not you specifically, but a very desperate sounding "Help me!". You feel a bit frozen on the spot, staring out into the forest areas around you.

Unfortunately, you are a Ranger, can you ignore a cry for help?

Listen, you know what happens in these situations – maybe it's better to go investigate this side area instead.