You're a ranger, but listen, you also know better than to go stomping off in the unknown all by yourself. You tell yourself you'll call in some help for this creature calling for so that its properly taken care of; after all, you're only one person. How would you help being just one person? With that in mind, you veer off to the side and go down the opposite clearing to seek out adventure elsewhere.

And what an adventure, you think, there's plenty of plants and trees Those are some very interesting rocks set up in a way that you think might be native to Shantyland. You start to feel a little more relaxed as you step carefully through the underbrush, watching your step as you go. It's as you walk that you hear the growl. You stop in place, freezing like some kind of prey animal hoping to be passed by in the night, but the growling continues on. It sounds deep and like its from something big. It also sounds pretty mean by that growling.

You know, maybe you will go back and help that person.

You've made your bed, you're going to discover something here.