You'll go back to the clear path later; investigating this sound wouldn't take THAT much time, right? It'll take all of five seconds to walk forward and to register what you're hearing. But as you walk forward, the sound seems to grow fainter – you're not entirely sure if someone isn't walking anymore or if they're moving further a way. You trail after the noise as best you can until you find yourself in a deeper part of the swampy woods of Shantyland. It's a lot more closer here, strange trees pressing up against each other. You think you can see eyes in the trees from creatures you wonder if they've been identified in the Ranger's database. The noise is all but gone and you're left in an oppressive empty silence.

Out of the corner of your eye, you catch a mound of seaweed that you didn't fully remember seeing before. It's a pretty big heap, how had you missed that? The more you stare at it, the more something about it doesn't seem right. The lack of water nearby? Except this is a swamp planet and unless you're in the desert, there's always water close by. But this amount of seaweed is a little...unnatural, wouldn't you say?

Go towards the seaweed mound

Back off, that could be a nest for something you don't want to mess with.