As soon as you agree to this, you feel maybe a bit taken advantage of, because you have a camera shoved into your hands and the coroaki is shoving you towards the door. "We all have our paths that were going to try out," he tells you, stuffing a device into your hands that has a beeping. "There's been too many sightings so we have to try out every path. If we all split up, we'll be able to cover more ground and we'll be able to have more of a chance of figuring out the truth. Good luck!"

With that, you're left out in the hall way of a place you hadn't expected to discover. You look down at the map and the camera and wonder a little bit if you hadn't been bamboozled into doing the work for them. But no, inside, you can see the others gearing up. The coroaki must have just been excited for their adventure and the possibility of discovering new things. You strap yourself up and in and turn to start following the map except while it's very nice technology, it seems like it's giving you an AREA where the swampsquach has been sighted rather than an actual path. You take your time getting outside and finding the right section that it wants you to take, but you find yourself faced with two paths: clear and cluttered.

Take the clear path; it's clear, so therefore many people have been down this one, meaning much more sightings.

Take the cluttered path; it's much more likely an elusive swampsquach is going to be down a less traveled path.