The Ranger station, you think, doesn't necessarily have a lot of mystery to it. You had always assumed that it was very straight forward – a cafeteria, bed rooms, gyms, meeting rooms. It wasn't all that different from some of the offices of your home planet. It's very similar to that. But one thing you should have known about Shantyland in general is that things sometimes don't always match up with expectations. Really, you shouldn't be all that surprised when you stumble into a room you hadn't realized was there simply because Shantyland and the Rangers are wholly unlike anything you've ever dealt with. Then again, maybe you're being a little dramatic about the subject, but you feel like most people can forgive you for that.

The room you've entered is pretty normal for the most part, so you should apologize for considering it strange – it's more that the contents are a bit odd for you. There's a wall that has been plastered in pictures; there's maps of Shantyland you can see, both crude hand drawn ones and much more technical ones that were probably made by a computer; there's pictures of what could only be described as a foot print with what you think might be hundreds of sticky notes, you don't mean to exaggerate; there's even some blurry pictures of some....thing scattered around. This is all accented by red string and the occasional scribbling from someone that you wonder if maybe you should report them to the medics on ship.

So taken by the board itself, you hadn't even realized you were alone in the room. There's that angry goblin that has too many hands for her own good, there's a coroaki that you know for a fact has been on the tail end of some of the worst luck of Shantyland, and an alien that you're not entirely sure where the eyes are but where ever they are you know they're staring at you. You get the feeling you've stumbled into something that you weren't really supposed. But the coroaki brightens, a loud noise coming from his throat. "Another has heard the word about us!" he tells his companions with all the excitement of someone who isn't used to people coming around for such things. "Welcome, welcome, you're just in time for our meeting."

Before you can really tell them that you just accidentally walked into the room – you're still new enough, you try to comfort yourself, that you're not entirely sure what rooms you're walking into – you're pulled forward and sat next to the goblin that's squinting at you. Maybe she just needs glasses, do goblins have glasses? You've never dealt with a goblin before. The coroaki decides that the four of them is enough for whatever thing they were planning because he goes before you all and puts his hands on the table. "Welcome to one of our more...official swampsquatch meetings." You think that might be for your benefit because the other two present are a lot more familiar to this than you feel. It's almost silly enough that you neglect the fact they're talking about a cryptid. The coroaki turns to his board with all the pride of a parent looking at a child, hands directly on his hips as he puffs up his chest some. "The swampsquach is Shantyland's greatest kept secret-"

"What about literally the hundreds of other secrets Shantyland has?" the eyeless being next to you has a strange voice, almost like you didn't physically hear it. Does she have a mouth?

"One of Shantyland's greatest kept secrets," he corrects without a fuss or stress. "The swampsquach has eluded even the best Rangers of our times. For years, we've been told that this being is a myth, a legend – some people have even been so bold as to say it's a hoax! A hoax, can you believe it?" He waves his hands eagerly, moving forward to tap at the board. "With this much evidence, how can such a thing be a hoax??" His eyes are so bright as he looks at the assembled group.

What's a swampsquach?

Finally, your time has come.